Q: Is the EdgUp durable?

A: Yes! It’s made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone and is built to last. It stands up to razors, trimmers, bending, stretching, and almost anything you can throw at it.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: The vast majority of our customers have rated it as easy to use. It may take you a couple times using it to feel completely comfortable, just like cutting your own hair, but the learning curve is short. You, or someone else, just hold it in place while you trim or shave around the edge. Check out this post to see more detail on how to use the Edgup and how to shave the back of your neck.

Q: Can I use the EdgUp by myself?

A: Absolutely. The EdgUp is intended to allow you to shape up your own neckline. If you do have someone else that can cut your hair for you, it just guarantees a perfect neckline without the risk of a mistake.

Q: Does it work for all head sizes?

A: The dimensions or the EdgUp were determined by taking measurements of 40 different men’s heads, so out of the package it’s going to fit a majority of men almost perfectly. If you need to adjust the size, there are grid lines, which make it easy to cut with scissors to customize it to your head size and shape.

Q: Could you use this for your front hairline?

A: I don’t see why not. If you have a short hairstyle, the EdgUp acts as a guard to give you a straight line. It can be used on the back of the neck, the front of your hair, or even to line up your beard.

Q: Couldn’t I just use a piece of Duct Tape?

A: While I’ve never tried it, it’s probably possible to put a piece of Duct Tape over your hair and use it as a guard against mistakes. It will likely not be reusable, so while it is a cost savings up front, you pay for it with your time. The EdgUp is a product for convenience, ease of use, durability, and portability.