How to Shave the Back of Your Neck with the Edgup

shave the back of your neck

Whether you call it an edge up, shape up, or clean up, we all know that there is some grooming maintenance required in between those monthly trips to the barber. It’s not too difficult to clean up your sideburns and the hair around you ears, but what about the areas you can’t see?

Keeping the back of your neck in check is essential for maintaining a well-groomed look. Just because you can’t see your hairy neck jungle in the mirror doesn’t mean others aren’t looking at it when you leave the house. Follow these simple steps below on how to shave the back of your neck using the EdgUp so that you’re always looking your best.

  1. Hold the EdgUp Neckline Shaving Template to the back of your head so that it covers your desired hairline. Note: any adjustments needed to the shape and size of the EdgUp should be done beforehand using the gridlines as a guide.
  2. Using a trimmer or razor, shave the hairs in a vertical direction (with or against the grain) using the EdgUp as a guide and guard.
  3. For a cleaner look, make a final pass with a razor and shave against the grain. Make sure you apply a light lather to avoid irritation.
  4. That’s it. No excuses for not always looking fresh between trips to the barber or salon!

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